Human Resources

We have found over the years that the primary indicator of longterm success of an organization (public or private) is best reflected by its governing and executive leadership. The Parham Group can support, develop, and promote effective leadership within your agency through an executive recruitment process, staff assessments and analyses, and programs designed to encourage and develop leadership in your organization.

Executive Recruitment:

Executive leadership is a critical factor impacting an organization’s success. Parham Group utilizes a process of collaboratively assessing the leadership needs of the agency, and then identifying, recruiting, testing, and presenting valid candidates to the governing body for selection.

Executive and Staff 360° Assessments:

The Parham Group administers customized executive and staff assessment instruments that collect input from supervisors, subordinates, peers, self, and other appropriate sources regarding the leadership and effectiveness of the chief executive and other key staff members.The assessment instruments are scored by category of response (board, subordinate, peer, etc.), totaled and discussed with the person to identify strengths, areas of needed improvement, and overall effectiveness.

Leadership Development:

Based on the outcomes of the 360 assessments and the organization’s desire, Parham Group can create and implement a tailored leadership development program unique to your agency’s needs.