Program & Financial Support

Since 1999, the Parham Group has assisted government agencies and nonprofit organizations
with the development of new service and support projects generally financed by state and/or federal grants.

Services most often provided include:

Grant and Project Management:

Many times these newly designed service delivery projects are initiated with grant funding. The Parham Group has supported numerous agencies with not only dozens of successful grant proposals but with the implementation and management of the funded grant project as well. We assist with designing, developing, implementing program/grant management strategies and activities.

Evaluation and CQI Services:

In today’s funding climate it is not only important to do good works and have good outcomes, but to be able to prove it as well. For 20 years the Parham Group has provided guidance and support with the evaluation, design, development, and implementation on 18 Federal government and private foundation–funded projects.

  • Program effectiveness assessments and analysis.
  • Fidelity assurance assessments.
  • Data collection implementation and analysis.
  • Various continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.

Our underlying philosophy in providing this service is that accurate and meaningful data is important and necessary for making informed policy decisions that impact the people and communities you serve.

Financial Support:

Sustaining an organization over the long-term not only requires quality leadership and flexible and relevant programs/services, but also stable funding. The Parham Group assists public and private nonprofits with developing and implementing diversified funding strategies. Our team is experienced with:

  • Creating appropriate and effective fundraising efforts.
  • Designing programmatic income strategies.
  • Developing long-term asset-building programs.
  • Applying for Federal, State, and Foundation grants.

Over the past 20 years, Parham Group has led the successful application of over $100 Million of federal, state, and foundation grants for public and private non-profit agencies and organizations.